Useful Tips

What to expect on a Yacht Charter

How to pack for a charter yacht holiday and what to bring.

In a nutshell – not too much! Most first-time sailors arrive with far too many clothes and shoes. Here are the essentials. Please pack everything in a soft duffel bag that can be folded up and placed in a locker, not in a suitcase.

Just a few ideas and some advice as to what you will need to bring to have a comfortable stay on a charter yacht in the Greek islands.


Yachts have a limited space for storing large bulk items such as hard sided suitcases. So please back your vacation items in a soft sided suitcase, it should also be collapsible.


Remember that storage space in your cabin is limited. In most cases you have a hanging locker and shelf space. In some cabins there are draws as well as lockers. Dress codes in the islands are very casual. Men, shorts and polo shirts are the preferred evening dress, Ladies light summer dresses or similar to the men.

During the day you will be mostly in swimming or light cool clothes, that can be rinsed out as you take a deck shower, so multiple outfits are not really required.


Our yachts all run there main systems on 12 volt dc current. They also have 220 volt auxiliary systems that work off a generator or hard wired from a dock facility. Hairdryers and our regular 220 volt items can be run on the yacht when it is not sailing and at anchor or in port only.


Doing laundry on the yacht is not really possible as we have a limited supply of water, and no real area one can dry clothes. On some islands there are laundry services, but do not depend on them always being open. Hanging towels over the life rails, is a typical way to dry things quickly. Do not leave them long as the sea air and humidity will make them wet again.

Shoes/Foot wear

While sailing you will be required to wear shoes. These need to have non marking soles, and can be deck sneakers, boat shoes, non marking running sneakers etc… You will also need a pair of land or shore shoes, these can be anything you like. However, you will be required to remove shoes at the end of the gang way before returning on board.


All cabins have there own private heads, (bathrooms). Each with a marine toilet, that is manually operated. Hot and cold running water with basin etc. Storage space for personal bathroom items, a room to take an in cabin shower.

Showers in cabins, where they are private, can be hot and stuffy. Also the shower head is a miser type water controller. (you do not get high pressure, so that you use less water). On deck is a conventional high pressure shower that is always available and much more pleasant.

Drinking and Alcohol

The sun in Greece is very strong, and on the water its effects are multiplied many times.

Drinking during the day is a must and required, only not large quantities of alcohol. Water is the preferred substance, at least one large (1.5 liters) bottle during the day. De-hydration rates are 5 times greater on the water than on land.

Drinking beer or wine during the day de-hydrates you quicker and makes you sleepy and sluggish. It can also help induce sea sickness. Sweet sodas make you thirstier, and with small children the sugar can effect behavior.


The summer is almost continual sunshine, however the different areas of the Aegean have vastly different wind patterns and weather influences. If you are a family, ask about sailing un the Saronic Gulfs and southern Peloponnese islands, or alternatively up north in the Northern Sparodes Islands. In these areas the winds are light and moderate with short distances between islands.

If you have sailing experience and understand about sailing in high winds (30+ knots) and want to experience the thrill of large seas (2+meters) then ask about sailing in the Cyclades or along the Turkish coast in the Dodecanese Islands.