This is meant as a guide to the best way to spend 10 days cruising around the Western and Central Cyclades. One should expect to sail around 230-250 miles in the 10 days, bearing in mind the rest days on some of the islands.

This is a route for more experienced sailors and will involve some distance sailing, as well as encounters with strong winds.

Day 1
Leave Athens and sail to Kea Island, (40 miles).

Day 2
Rest and Swim in Kea, visit the Village Chora.

Day 3
Sail to Kithonos Island and the port of Loutra (17 miles). Visit the ancient baths in Loutra swim and dive off the rocks around the village.

Day 4
Sail to Siros Island and the town of Finakas, (24 miles). Visit the main town of Ermopouli.

Day 5
Sail south to Paros Island (28 miles). Here at the half way point of the cruise it is a good place to shop and explore this large island.

Day 6
Paros Island. Rent mopeds and explore the island.

Day 7
Sail to Serifos Island from Paros Island, (30 miles).

Day 8
Sail Hydra Island from Serifos, (55 miles).

Day 9
Rest in Hydra and enjoy this beautiful town where there are no cars and only donkeys for transportation.

Day 10
Return to Athens from Hydra, (35 miles).