Athens Sailing Academy

Sailing School Holidays in the Greek Islands

An English sailing school in Greece teaching sailing in the Greek islands.

About the Sailing School

The Athens Sailing Academy exists to teach and help interested individuals how to sail. The areas in which we sail, the Argolis Saronic gulf and Cyclades offer excellent sailing conditions. The weather can vary from a placid force 3 to a much more exciting force 6. Its always sunny with clear blue skies and the water temperature in mid summer is very warm. All this makes the need for fleeces and wet weather gear redundant. The islands and ports that you will stop in are typically Greek and un-spoilt. You will find many deserted coves and bays where few yachts still go.

Apres’ Sailing – The Party Side of Sailing

Sailing is a team sport and as such encourages alot of interaction between individuals. You will work closely with other students and live together in confined spaces. Expect fun and laughter as you work and play together.

However do not expect the sort of luxury you might see on a cruise ship or a large glossy ‘Gin Palace” or for that matter a luxury sailing yacht. A sailing yacht is designed to sail and not live alongside a pier. Your cabins are moderate and the bathrooms are small. In most cases the best way to think about sailing is camping on the water in a more comfortable caravan or recreation vehicle.

If you can deal with this type living, your reward will be quiet anchorages, and deserted coves, endless beaches and clear seawater to swim in. You will visit new islands every day and experience the thrill of coming into port after a days sail to get to your destination.

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